Fall's Promise

For some reason challenges or more precise goals seem to be made by most at the start of Fall.  A time to "kick start" our llaissez-faire attitude of summer.  To put it to rest and begin anew with longevity and earnest.   Forget the New Year's resolution mantra.  Good intentions made but seldom last longer than a day or a month at best.

Let the fall colours awaken your artistic senses.  There is nothing like the carpet of colours of the hardwood tree leaves or the vast meadows in the mountains as the sunlight kisses the golden grasses bringing them to life .  Nature had a fabulous paintbrush!  Just imagine putting forth this inspiration to your canvas and voila a masterpiece is created by none other than you.


The challenge for me in this painting was to blend abstract with some hint of realism.  The obvious birch trees rendering the "Fall's Promise" as the force of the waterfall cascading down a mountain edge makes for a powerful painting.  Can you hear the water rushing? 


This painting is clearly a fun one to paint.

One to the next project .....

One paintbrush stroke at a time ......


Till the next time